Total Developed Head Calculations for Horizontal Pumps

The total developed head (TDH) of a centrifugal pump is equal to the discharge head minus the suction head and ...
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Wear Ring Clearances

Maintaining Wear Ring Clearances The premature opening of wear component clearances is especially damaging to the life and reliability of ...
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Sump Vortices

A vortex is a flow field that has both an axial and a rotational flow component, similar to a tornado ...
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NPSHr for Vertical Can Pumps

Overview- NPSHr NPSHr, or Net Positive Suction Head Required, is the pressure above vapor pressure required to suppress cavitation. The ...
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axial shuttling

Axial Shuttling

Axial shuttling is one of the most prevalent failure mechanisms in the single-stage, double suction pump design. When present, it ...
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suction recirculation

Suction Recirculation

Suction recirculation is caused by large inlet areas coupled with flow incidence angles that are significantly dissimilar to the inlet ...
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