15 Years of Improving Pump Reliability

Since our company inception, we have been dedicated to helping our customers improve their pump systems and reduce their pump-related operating costs.  We work with companies in varied markets in the training of personnel, specification development, root cause analysis, strategic planning, process improvement, testing and inspection audits, and computer-based training development.


As an independent consultant, we provide an unbiased viewpoint.  With 40+ years experience ranging from pump design inception to aftermarket repairs and inspections and root cause analysis, we have the tools to help you find the best solutions to your pump problems.


Below you can find examples of some of the work we have successfully completed for our customers.



RFP Impeller Failure

Evaluated impeller and diffuser breakage experienced with new hydraulic assembly installed in existing casing to meet new conditions required by Extended Power Uprate.  Coordinated between site, OEM, and independent group providing CFD and finite element analysis to identify changes necessary for reliable operation.


BWROG Gas Accumulation

Participated in expert panel for the Boiling Water Reactor Owner's Group in the Gas Accumulation Pump Roadmap project plan developed by EPRI as a response to an NRC generic letter from January 2008.  The project provided a path forward to research the risk of gas accumulation in safety-related pump systems.


Impeller Crack Analysis

Audited on-site inspection and provided support during failure analysis after a portion of a Reactor Coolant pump impeller vane was discovered in the bottom of the reactor vessel.  Used vibration analysis to identify root cause and evaluated possible extent of condition to other pumps on-site.


SW Pump Design Analysis

Provided in-depth design and system analysis for vertical wet pit Service Water pumps experiencing repeated bearing and sleeve failures.  Coordinated in-depth inspection with focus on data gathering and modal testing to confirm excitation of stationary assembly. Generated business cases with possible upgrades to eliminate failures and extend overall reliability and life.


Performance Test Failure

Worked as part of site team after new Reactor Feed Pump failed to meet specified performance requirements during testing.  Audited performance testing at OEM facility and met with OEM hydraulic designers to evaluate options going forward.  Communicated with site risks and benefits of each option and advocated accelerated timeline with OEM to minimize delivery delays.


RWCU Bearing Failure

Performed failure analysis for Reactor Water Clean Up Pump (RWCU) that exhibited three separate thrust bearing failures in a short period of time.  Using inspection data, vibration testing, and discussions with Operations and Maintenance personnel, identified likely causes for failure and corrective actions.

Some of Our Customers Served

Entergy Nuclear Fleet

Exelon Nuclear Fleet

AEP- DC Cook

Arizona Public Service- Palo Verde

ATK- Radford Army Ammunition Plant

Bechtel- Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

Boiling Water Reactor Owner's Group

Comision Federal de Electricidad- Laguna Verde

Detroit Edison- Fermi 2

Dominion Power- Surry

Domtar Paper- Hawesville Mill

Duke Power- Brunswick, Catawba, McGuire

Electric Power Research Institute

Exelon Fossil- Fairless Hills, Schuylkill, Eddystone, Cromby

General Electric

FirstEnergy- Beaver Valley, Perry, Davis Besse

Florida Power and Light- St. Lucie, Turkey Point

In-Service Testing Owner's Group

Midwest Generation- Homer City

Mittal Steel- Burns Harbor


NextEra Energy- Duane Arnold, Point Beach, Seabrook

Passaic Valley Sewerage  Commissioners

Southern Nuclear- Farley, Vogtle

South Texas Project

TVA- Browns Ferry, Sequoyah, Watts Bar

URS- San Juan Combined Cycle

USA/Stars Alliance


Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company