Engineering Support

When equipment issues arise at the plant, MCS provides expertise while maintaining an unbiased viewpoint during root cause analyses, life extension projects, and plant updates. Our 40+ years in the design, maintenance, inspection, and repair of centrifugal pumps allows us to take a holistic approach to your pump problems.


Vendor /Repair Audit

MCS provides support in the inspection, repair, manufacture, and testing of critical equipment at the plant or at the vendor’s facility.  Our knowledge of generic failure modes and the importance of critical fit-ups and tolerances are critical in reliable operation upon re-installation. Acting as part of your audit team, we will support you in determining the right decision when problems arise.


On-Site Training

We provide on-site Advanced Centrifugal Pump Training classes to help plant personnel better understand pump design and the generic causes of equipment failure.  Our training is suitable for engineering, maintenance, and operations personnel and provides a great team-building activity.


Specification Development

MCS provides detailed equipment specifications for inspection, repair, and new purchase.  Specifications include state-of-the-art materials, stringent tolerances, and component upgrades to ensure optimal equipment life, ease of maintenance, and reliability.  With a comprehensive specification, one can go out to bid with confidence that they will receive the same product from all qualified suppliers.


Maintenance Procedure Upgrade

MCS will review equipment maintenance procedures to ensure that best-in-class processes and tolerances that extend reliable equipment life are being employed.  3D model graphics will be included for all critical steps to clearly illustrate how each step is accomplished.  Inspections include embedded spreadsheets that automatically determine if components are in or out of tolerance.


Computer-Based Training

Our application specific Computer-Based Training platforms are tailored to your exact equipment installation.  Our CBT platform includes training on component design, inspection, equipment assembly and maintenance, and generic failure mechanism identification and remediation.

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